Face to Face Smokefreelife

Try Smokefree Activities: Adjusting to your new smokefree life may take some getting used to, but there are plenty of ways to change up your lifestyle and make the most of your smokefree opportunities. Keeping them up as well as finding new activities can also help you avoid any urges that arise.

Find new smokefree activities to do all throughout the year! There are many new hobbies you can try, and places to go, once you’re smokefree.
Bonus: While you’re still fresh in your quit, avoid social situations involving alcohol, which can be a common trigger to smoke.
Look for new workouts to try, as you may now be breathing easier. Make sure you consult your healthcare provider before trying a new workout routine.
Enjoy your new routines. Now that your morning routine may have changed, including your route to work and method of transportation, reflect on how great it is to be living smokefree.